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Spoiler Rear Visor

Product Detail Information

Product Features

  • Intercept the light on back-seats
  • Polished design
  • Anyone can easily attach it with the both-sided tapes.
  • Simple design with a functional role and aesthetic sense

How to Attach


  • Attaching is good on a warm and fine day.
  • It takes about 30days for the both-sided tapes to do the right function. (Please avoid overspeeding or car washing.)
  • Wind resistance is variable according to an angle of Spoiler Sunvisor.
    Changing the angle as you want may make an unexpected accident.
    Please avoid that.

Step 01

The regulation of both support-heights may differ between vehicular types.
(Please consult the usage description of the product.)

Step 02

  • Clean water or dirt or oil of the attaching-part.
  • Please attach it together with 2 or 3 peoples.
  • Decide the attaching-part.

Step 03

Mark the right attaching position with a pen or
tapes as the picture.

Step 04

  • Remove the plastic-cover of the center-fixing plate for the roof of a car.
  • Attach the center-fixing plate on the roof of a car and push it with proper pressure.

Step 05

  • Remove the plastic-covers of both supports and attach them on the marked position with all your might.
    (attach them as the pictures No. I, II)

Step 06

Stick the center-wing on the center-fixing plate.

Applicable Vehicles



Kinds of Vehicles



Spectra(I), Shuma(I), Tiburon




Verna(5DR),EF Sonata, Optima, SM5, Leganza, Magnus, LanosJuliet(I), Kalos(4DR), Lacetti, Espero, Avella(5DR), Acadia , Scoupe




Rio (4DR), RioSF, Spectra, AvanteXD, Nubira(I,II), SM3, Avante, Chairman, Grandeur XG, Accent, Elantra, Cerato(4DR)




Verna(4DR), Lanos(, II), Sephia(I, II), Sonata(I, II, III), Marcia, Avella(Delta), Cielo, Lemans, Credos(I, I), Dynasty, Enterprise , New Grandeur, Potentia, Prince,Excell


Colors of the products : Black, White

When the vehicle is marked, you must attach the center-fixing plate on rear glass of a car.

No applicable vehicles

  • Hatchback Vehicles with rear wipers
    (ex. - RioRV, AvanteXD(sports))
  • Vehicles with the highly inclined rear glass
    (ex. - Grandeur old, Pride Beta, Concord , Capital etc.)
  • RV vehicles not a passenger car
    (ex. - Carens, Rezzo etc. )